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Postage And Pricing


Don't you hate it when you see something online and fall in love with it, but you're not sure how much it is or how much it will be once it's shipped to you half way around the world??

WELL. At Sozzij.co.uk it's just £1.80 GBP, for anything, to absolutely anywhere outside the UK!

And for local folk here in the UK, shipping is included in the price!

(This may not apply to future framed items or bulkier merch)

I hope this is helpful in deciding if that Sozzij print will find a home on your wall 


Sigh. Pricing artwork is tricky.

I want to make my work affordable and accessible to anybody who wants it. (FYI the Elephant illustrations for Mental Health Awareness are available as free printables, email me!) But I also need to balance that with covering my costs and time, some spending on future supplies, and potentially putting some money towards finishing my house!

When it comes to prints it's a little easier, I think I price fairly, I consider materials, packaging etc. But if you ask me for a commission my pricing method is essentially; "how much will it take for me to want to deal with the stress of doing this thing", THEN I make sure that figure covers all the necessaries and if it's fair and reasonable I go from there. Seems weird but as soon as someone asks me to draw something it becomes this HUGE thing and so much more important than something I'm drawing just from my own brain. So I price them as they come depending on content, always fairly, I hope that's okay.