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About Sozzij

Hello! This page is a little about the person behind the Sozzij, thank you so much for being here!


First of all my name is Heather. But I go by Bev quite a lot for reasons only known to two old friends of mine, who I'm unfortunately no longer in touch with.
I don't like this selling myself malarkey, I tend to either keep it far too brief or waffle on much too much about all my flaws instead. We'll see which way this goes!


Me personally, I like a good plont. I have two cats and a dog. I have a collection of chronic illnesses and other diagnosis honestly at this exact moment I've no idea, assessments in progress please check back later. I also LOVE a good tea. And I like and art of all sorts, a draw, a paint, a sculpt, a stamp, a collage, go nuts. I like to think I am a pacifist but I am also very angry. I try to do good and to see the good in those may not. I really do like a good plont. Go see Bevishhh my other IG account, my bedroom is slowly turning into a tiny jungle!


(You could stop here if you like I won't be cross. The next bits are the more boring, more sales-y "please buy my things!" bits. Which I'm terrible at because I'm riddled with self doubt, so essentially I resort to begging. Enjoy!)


I made an Instagram account for my "doodles" in 2016 after some encouragement from friends. Sozzij follower numbers grew quickly to begin with and I found myself able to reach a fair few people with things like little reminders, bits of love and positivity, or distraction. As I was struggling myself, I ran with the self care, growth, relatability and positivity theme. And it's not only helped me to think and feel differently, I know it's helped others too. Not just by maybe feeling less alone, but in ways I hadn't imagined.

And I know it sounds so cheesy but if I can make even a tiny difference to just one person then I'm happy. It really means so much to me to hear that my drawings and notes have helped someone having a tough time.


Having not worked for a few years now due to disability it would be great to be able to earn a bit of pocket money from my artwork. And lately, with life being particularly topsy turvy, I'm spending more on basics and I seem to have lost my creative drive, so I'm hoping some extra pennies coming in might kickstart a new direction.


Honestly my work is, um great and stuff.

Really though I would like to make functional art, or even things like badges and bits.

Soooooo....yeah. *swings arms*

Have a look around I guess, there are often bits on my Instagram stories and/or highlights going cheap as well so do take a nosey.

Thanks for doing a read of what turned out to be quite a waffle!

Love you lots, Bx