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Sozzij Story Time

Hi! My name is Heather but I go by Bev when I'm in Sozzij mode.

I'll try to keep this brief as I'm known to waffle on.

I started posting my "doodles" online in 2016, Sozzij follower numbers grew fairly quickly and I found myself in a (sort of) influencer position in regards to mental health and self care. As I was struggling myself, with various illnesses I wont go into right now, I ran with the self growth and positivity vibe. And it's not only helped me to think and feel differently, I know it's helped others too, in ways I hadn't imagined. If I can make even a tiny difference to just one person each day then I'm happy, it really means so much to me to hear that my drawings and notes have helped someone having a tough time.

I haven't had a regular, 9-5 Monday to Friday, job for years now. I got pretty poorly, then worse, and I'm only just kinda bouncing back. I decided to put a positive spin on my situation and use it as an opportunity to try to do things my way. I hope I can earn some money for boring life things like loo roll and dog food and finishing up my house, and not boring things like art supplies and such.

And potentially, hopefully, I can do some good in the process.

Love, Bx